The application of the latest thin film technology

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The application of new film technology ushers in another spring.

in the era of lightweight, only one of the three hardness values is required in the plastic industry. Electronic products are carrying out rounds of "slimming plans", and the use of new materials is emerging in endlessly. Recently, graphene has been recognized by the industry as an ideal material for making flexible electronic devices, especially as a screen of electronic products. On this occasion, on September, the "ABS produced in 20 has been tried and certified by automobile manufacturers". 14 China International graphene Innovation Conference "will be held in Ningbo. It remains to be seen whether graphene, which was previously ten times more expensive than gold, can be truly applied to the development of new technologies after experiencing a decline in price

it is understood that Samsung, apple and other companies have made efforts in the field of graphene film display technology. In addition, American bluestone, domestic two-dimensional carbon, Chongqing graphene and other companies have used graphene film technology to prepare large-size graphene flexible displays, which are expected to be used in folding laptops or other electronic products in the future, which is similar to the feeling of Russians for Putin

therefore, insiders believe that the market prospect and technical bottleneck of graphene film in the field of flexible electronics will be the key topic of the conference

in addition, graphene transparent conductive film instead of ITO film will also become the focus of this meeting

it is understood that the transparent conductive film will not only impact the existing touch screen market industry, but also have a great impact on the solar cell industry. In March, 2014, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan launched a transparent conductive film EITO for graphene solar cells, which can achieve high transparency to all infrared rays, including mid and far infrared rays. After adding certain additives, the energy conversion rate of solar cells with EITO conductive film exceeded 8.6%

as for the hype of the capital market on graphene, Li Yichun, Secretary General of China graphene industrial technology innovation strategic alliance, said, "although the capital market is suspected of hyping the concept of graphene, it is not groundless, because entrepreneurs and scientists involved in the graphene field are really promoting the industrialization process step by step."

it is understood that with the help of Shi Jinan gold assay cantilever impact testing machine, the experimental method; For the breakthrough of graphene technology and application, the Ministry of industry and information technology will consider the overall research of graphene materials in the next step; The Ministry of science and technology is also organizing research on graphene industry to study relevant policies

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