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The application of inkjet technology in cigarette packets is diverse and has considerable benefits

special functions of inkjet technology

inkjet technology has been used in the field of cigarette packets for a long time. It not only prints the number, expiration date, batch number, logo, product name and other information on various packages (packaging, strip packaging, carton) of cigarette products, but also provides product anti-counterfeiting, sales management Flow tracking and other identification solutions that meet people's needs. Its special functions mainly include:

1. Anti counterfeiting function

the function of inkjet printer to print random code or anti-counterfeiting code, so that each cigarette or each small cigarette bag can have a separate code, which can be directly identified, fast and simple. In addition, the price, promotion and other information can support objects 200 times their weight without deformation, which can effectively control the sales price of tobacco and prevent market fluctuations. Laser code spraying can increase the cost of counterfeiters, help consumers quickly identify genuine products, and protect the legitimate interests of manufacturers. The patented UV invisible ink is applied in the packaging of tobacco, which increases the strength of anti-counterfeiting

2. Marking function

the high-quality inkjet printer can print all kinds of graphics, words, letters, numbers and other information on packages of different materials at high speed and clearly

3. Market, production and logistics management

print the number, barcode, destination and other information on the product packaging and carton packaging, and connect the database system to realize the flow tracking and the query and tracking of cross regional sales of dealers. In addition, in the warehouse or distribution center of the tobacco monopoly point, the laser machine and inkjet inkjet printer can also print information such as time and monopoly area, connect the internal database and management system of the enterprise, and improve the automatic logistics management when leaving the warehouse and warehouse

inkjet and laser inkjet printer

due to the uniqueness of cigarette bag design, inkjet machines used in cigarette bag industry mainly include inkjet and laser inkjet printer. At present, the main functions of foreign high-quality inkjet and laser inkjet printers are: printing Chinese characters, English, digital symbols, graphics, bar codes on labels or other positions; Suitable for printing on various materials (PVC, metal, plastic film, paper, tin foil, etc.); High speed, suitable for the high-speed operation of the tobacco industry packaging line; Chinese, English and other languages, real-time fault display, safe and effective; The inkjet printer with various industrial protection grades from low to high is suitable for all kinds of ordinary and strict production environments; It can be sprayed with different colors of ink and high-definition laser code

for inkjet inkjet machines, the commonly used inks are fast drying ink, environmental friendly ink and invisible ink. Its specific characteristics are: in the processing and production of cigarette packs, fast drying ink is necessary. It dries immediately after being sprayed on the surface of the product, and firmly adheres to the surface of the product. It will not be transferred to other positions and dirty the surface of objects, which can ensure that the identification of each sprayed product is clear, complete and easy to distinguish, It does not affect the whole production process and effectively reduces the failure time; The environment-friendly ink has elegant smell, little pollution, and is safe and reliable. Pressure relief must be carried out first, which is suitable for workshops or warehouses with high hygiene standards; Invisible ink is an ink that can only be displayed under ultraviolet light, which is mainly used for product anti-counterfeiting

in fact, due to the importance of the tobacco industry to China, it has strict application standards for the use of machinery and equipment. Not only to meet the requirements of high-speed and clean packaging line, but also to meet the huge daily output (up to 10000 pieces or more per hour), so high-definition, high adhesion laser inkjet equipment can better meet the application requirements of production. Laser inkjet technology has obvious advantages in cigarette bag processing. For example, the glass film can be marked with a permanently clear and indelible expiration date and production batch number. Even if there is water vapor and solvent invasion, the laser inkjet is still lasting. When using the laser inkjet machine, whether it is soft package, hard package or strip package for inkjet, it can be directly inkjet on the carton without causing any damage to cellophane or plastic paper, You can spray print at any step of the production process at any time. At the same time, laser code spraying also has the anti-counterfeiting effect of increasing the cost of counterfeiters and helping consumers quickly identify

benefits brought by inkjet technology

the application of inkjet technology in cigarette packet processing not only brings considerable benefits to manufacturers, but also provides legal benefit protection for consumers, which is specifically reflected in the following aspects:

1. Laws and regulations

generally, industry and laws and regulations stipulate that manufacturers must indicate the origin, specification, manufacturer and other product information on products or outer boxes, The use of inkjet printer technology can meet these requirements and ensure that customers' business behaviors in market sales, product export and other aspects meet these standards

2. Product identification

cigarette packs have a very large circulation range. Although brands or trademarks can be identified from the appearance of products, consumers can quickly identify genuine products by printing clear and stable product specifications and factory name and logo, reducing the invasion of fake and shoddy products and reducing the cost of anti-counterfeiting. In addition, the signs are not easy to wear and tear, which can also ensure visual identification during transportation, handling and storage

3. Anti counterfeiting and cross regional sales

spray special marks (graphics, fonts, codes) on products or outer packages, or use the special functions of invisible ink and laser spray code to increase the cost of counterfeiters, so as to prevent the circulation of fake and shoddy products. Therefore, in the field of cigarettes, code printing technology has increasingly become one of the most effective means of anti-counterfeiting. In addition, customer management can be carried out by printing different numbers, graphics and words to prevent cross regional sales and loan fleeing

4. Logistics demand

printing bar codes on product packages can speed up the classification and circulation of products, make the management between production and warehouse more reasonable and scientific, and strengthen the monitoring of raw material consumption and the effective management of inventory

5. Product added value

for consumers, clear and accurate identification is a standard method to identify the brand, and it is also a confidence sign for long-term safe use. For manufacturers, the use of inkjet technology can improve the market image of the brand and unified identification management, and play a role in establishing a good identification image and beautifying the appearance of products

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