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Application of aesthetic psychology in commodity packaging

Abstract: This paper discusses the application of aesthetic psychology in commodity packaging. This paper analyzes the internal relationship between business psychology and consumer psychology in the process of commodity sales, which can provide better waterproof performance and long-term reliability than the traditional sealing scheme, and makes an in-depth and detailed study on the application of psychological process theory in commodity aesthetics, so as to provide a theoretical basis for the development of commodity packaging design and how to let consumers make purchase decisions

key words: aesthetic psychology; Commodity packaging; Psychological process theory

in the activities of understanding and transforming the objective world, people will always feel all kinds of beautiful things and phenomena. When people are attracted by the beauty of objective things and concentrate on appreciating it, they will have a special psychological activity. The feeling of beauty is a unique cognitive ability of human beings developed in long-term social practice. It is not an animal like simple sensory activity, but a more profound sensory activity associated with human consciousness and rational thinking activities. Commodity packaging design is a mixture of rational design intention, inner Association and sensory value. On the basis of paying attention to functional factors and economic principles, commodities emphasize respect for human emotions, and emphasize the organic structure and emotional quality of commodity packaging, so as to arouse the audience's sense of closeness and trust in commodities. Aesthetic psychology is an interdisciplinary subject formed by the combination of aesthetics and psychology. It is generally believed that the research object of aesthetic psychology is aesthetic experience (including aesthetic appreciation and artistic creation), while the research views and methods are mainly psychological. Aesthetic emotion, taste, concept, will and even behavior are all produced in the aesthetic activities of the object. Therefore, psychology has a very close relationship with aesthetics. It is impossible to grasp the essence of the aesthetic law to study aesthetics and ignore the discussion from the aesthetic psychology of the subject, and so is human aesthetics of commodity packaging. The production of goods is the result of the manufacturer's thought, emotion (IB theory) and behavior; After entering the circulation field, commodities have been in the interaction of psychology and behavior between marketing and consumption. Therefore, to study the aesthetic law of commodities, we should study its aesthetic process from the perspective of psychology, and deeply explore people's aesthetic psychological characteristics of commodities

1 the aesthetic impact of psychology on commodity packaging

Business Psychology and consumer psychology are the inevitable result of the further deepening of psychological research and the development of modern commodity economy. The research contents of business psychology and consumer psychology are both related and different. The sample and experimental force of quotient vary greatly in structure (samples with large experimental force usually adopt inclined clamping structure. With the addition of experimental force, the clamping force will be added. Industrial psychology mainly grasps the emergence, development and laws of psychological phenomena of operators and buyers from all links of commercial marketing activities. For example, it studies the psychological phenomena in the design and sales process of new products; it studies the psychological phenomena related to commodity names, trademarks, packaging and prices; it studies commercial advertisements and store furnishings And so on. Consumer psychology mainly grasps the emergence, development and laws of psychological phenomena from the various links of consumer demand and purchase activities. For example, study the psychological phenomena of consumers' needs, motives and decisions; Study the psychological phenomena of consumers' individuality and commonness, etc

it can be said that the research contents of business psychology and consumer psychology are different, but they are consistent in some aspects. The main objectives of the research are all on the psychological phenomenon of consumers' purchasing behavior, which reflects the purpose and starting point of their research; Their research is inseparable from commodities from beginning to end, including the image, function and sales mode of commodities. To sum up, business psychology and consumer psychology study human psychological phenomena from different angles of buying and selling around the process of buying and selling goods. The research of business psychology and consumer psychology has opened up new ideas for the application of psychology in the business field. It has far-reaching significance for the improvement of commodity production level, the scientization of commercial operation and the promotion of purchasing power

2 the application of psychological process theory in commodity packaging aesthetics

the application of psychological process theory in commodity aesthetics is first manifested in the special role of various complex psychological activities of psychological process (such as perception, representation and imagination, memory, attention, etc. in commodity aesthetic activities; It is also reflected in various aesthetic activities of commodity manufacturing, marketing and publicity

2.1 the role of sensory perception in the aesthetic activities of commodity packaging

from the disciplinary perspective of modern communication, the end point and destination of information transmission is "the receiver of information". When information really enters the scope of the receiver and is interpreted and absorbed by it, communication will complete a relatively complete movement J. In the relationship between the objective world and people, objective things act directly on people's senses, resulting in feelings and perceptions of things. Feeling is the reflection of the individual attributes of objective things, while perception is the reflection of the overall attributes of objective things. Nothing exists in the form of individual attributes, but in the form of overall attributes. People have to go through repeated holistic perception to understand commodities, so that the brain can obtain a whole image. Therefore, although feeling is a prerequisite for perception, perception is of great significance to human cognition. The study of commodity aesthetic psychology must pay attention to the psychological law of perception

according to consumers' perceptual characteristics of commodity beauty, commodity manufacturing and marketing activities should first pay attention to the overall image beauty of commodities. In commodity design, not only the use value and modeling of structure and function, but also the aesthetic value of decoration should be harmonious, that is, all parts of aesthetic value (shape, color, texture, hand feeling, decorative pattern, etc.) should be properly coordinated. To achieve this, we must combine technological design with practical art design. Moreover, we should pay attention to the overall structural beauty of commodities. Integrity, sexual aesthetic characteristics, is one of the aesthetic laws of commodities. The overall structural beauty mainly refers to the coordination and unity of the relationship between a group of related commodity combinations, which can be regarded as the gap of perceptual objects is too greasy as a whole

2.2 the effect of image and imagination on the aesthetics of commodity packaging

in terms of image, there are two situations in which people take buying behavior under the stimulation of commodities and their advertising. As a result, they are directly influenced to make purchase decisions under the condition of obtaining consciousness; The other is indirectly affected, that is, making purchase decisions when there are appearances in the mind. Most cases tend to the latter. When buying goods, consumers should compare similar products in many stores, and then decide whether to buy after comparing the relevant appearances in their minds. Therefore, the image and publicity of goods must leave a beautiful and profound impression on consumers

how to leave a beautiful and profound image in the minds of consumers? Rather, the most important thing is to creatively improve the evaluation value of commodities and improve the visual effect of displaying the aesthetic value of commodities. The aesthetic value of commodities should not only show the overall image beauty, but also show a certain aesthetic style and characteristics, such as the characteristics of different regions of origin, traditional characteristics and so on. In addition to these, as the main body of commodity sales - stores, how to mobilize consumers' buying enthusiasm. first, To provide consumers with "Beautiful environment; moreover, we should create the overall atmosphere of the store according to the perspective of commodity aesthetics. We should emphasize artistry in window display, advertising, customer service, including sound effects, etc. in addition, we can open up customer rest areas in the store. These methods are very useful for consumers to maintain the beautiful appearance of goods.

2.3 pay attention to the role of commodity packaging aesthetics

attention is a positive state of psychological activities, which makes the heart Rational activities have the direction and concentration of certain objective things. In order to attract consumers' aesthetic attention to a certain commodity, we must first make the stimulus (commodity) have the conditions to attract aesthetic attention. (1) Stimulants should have new opposite sex, including novel shapes and novel ideas of commodity advertisements; (2) Irritants: it is better to stay in a static state for a long time, but to change or even mutate in time. The image of goods has remained unchanged for many years, the display form is monotonous, and there is no new creativity in advertising, which is not conducive to attracting the attention of consumers; (3) Using the principle of heterogeneous stimulation. Heterogeneous stimulation refers to the stimulation of different qualities. This kind of stimulation has a clear focus and is easier to attract the attention of consumers. The principle of heterogeneous stimulation has a significant effect on commodity decorative patterns, trademarks, advertising and window art. For example, in the production of commodity decorative patterns and advertising posters, Pay attention to keep "Blank.

2.4 the role of emotion and will in the aesthetics of commodity packaging

the emotional process is the experience of people's subjective attitude towards things formed in the process of human social development, and the will u is the final stage of people's psychological process towards objective things. It directly directs people to take corresponding actions to objective things. People's purchase decision of goods is both will. Emotion and will are the process of goods from aesthetics to purchase Of great significance. First of all, the marketing of commodities should start from the aesthetic needs of certain consumers, and provide them with commodities or commodity publicity with corresponding aesthetic value, so that consumers can form a desire to buy commodities and promote purchase decisions; Secondly, because the aesthetic value of commodities is mainly reflected in the image of commodities, the healthy and beautiful image of commodities can better touch the healthy aesthetic psychology of consumers and enable them to make correct purchase behavior decisions

3 conclusion

human aesthetic activities are inseparable from people as aesthetic subjects. The phenomena of perception, imagination, emotion and so on caused by people in creating and appreciating aesthetic objects are inseparable from human physiological and psychological activities. Consumers' demand for commodities no longer stays at the stage of low price and good quality, but more pursues novel social popular styles, pays attention to decoration and beauty, and pays attention to the artistry of commodity packaging. Therefore, product design should not only meet people's requirements for the material functions of products, but also meet people's psychological requirements, including aesthetic taste. With the continuous improvement of living standards and demand levels, psychological needs play a more important role in purchase motivation and purchase behavior than physiological needs

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