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Application of new tools that can be fine tuned

in the process of machining, we often encounter size adjustment due to tool wear or micro adjustment of size in two processing steps. 9. Aluminum alloy impact block: made according to the standard provided by your company, the traditional adjustment method not only takes a long time to adjust, but also the adjusted size is not accurate enough. This paper introduces some new tools that can be fine tuned, which can be easily and conveniently fine tuned. One is a fine-tuning boring bar, which can be slightly adjusted, and its maximum adjustment accuracy can reach 0.001mm. The other is adjustable reamer 1 for reaming. The technical reserve and process control level are backward

1 fine tuning boring tool bar

this tool bar has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use and precise adjustment. It is very suitable for fine boring on ordinary boring machines. See Figure 1 for the specific structure

1. Turbine 2 Fixing nut 3 Cutter bar 4 Vortex rod 5 Fastening screw

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of fine-tuning tool structure

main structure and function: ① cone: the left end is mo taper, ② worm: in order to accurately index, a large reduction ratio must be achieved through the worm mechanism, the handle of the worm rotates for one cycle, and the turbine rotates one tooth; When the turbine rotates for one cycle, the screw mechanism of the cutter bar moves a track; ③ Worm handle: divide 100 parts on the handle, and ensure that each grid is 0.001mm through structural design; ④ Cutter bar: part of the cutter bar is designed as thread. When the turbine rotates, the cutter bar moves to realize fine adjustment; In order to fix after adjustment, a small plane is ground on the cutter bar and fixed with the head end of the fastening screw; ⑤ Fastening screw: when fine-tuning, loosen the fastening screw first, and then the cutter bar can move; After fine adjustment, fix the fastening screw

manufacturing process features: in order to adjust the cutter bar accurately and meet the specified or expected requirements, pay attention to the following points during manufacturing: ① the cutter bar material should be wear-resistant and high hardness alloy steel, which can be 40Cr or 65Mn, so as to prolong the service life of the cutter bar; ② The turbine should be made of wear-resistant material. Since it is necessary to form a thread pair with the arbor, it adopts a two-body structure. Brass is engaged with the worm, while 40Cr is engaged with the arbor thread; ③ When marking lines, pay attention to the spacing accuracy, which can be coarse or fine as needed

2 adjustable carbide reamer

general carbide reamer, due to gas welding, the hardness of the tool decreases and the wear resistance is poor. Using adjustable carbide reamer, the blade has not been welded at high temperature, which improves the cutting performance and wear resistance, and significantly improves the surface roughness and machining accuracy of the reamed hole. The application of hole machining on gray cast iron shows that the effect is good

the specific structure of the adjustable carbide reamer is shown in Figure 2. The rotation of the fastening nut can make the carbide cutter move along the axial direction and change its diameter. The specific size can be known by measuring with a micrometer. The tool bar of the tool is fixedly connected with the tool handle, which is matched with the hole of the tool handle through the shaft of the tool bar, and then fastened with stop screw 6. The tool handle 7 is a Mohamed taper, which is connected with the spindle of the machine tool

1. Tighten nut 2 Locking sleeve 3 Cemented carbide plastic limit order has been implemented for many years 4 Locking sleeve 5 Cutter bar 6 Tighten the screw 7 Tool handle

Figure 2 adjustable cemented carbide tools

in the processing process, the size change of the front and rear two steps is very small or the tool wear is accelerated to realize major original breakthrough and compensation, with fast time and high precision. Through the fine adjustment of the cutting tool, it can achieve multi-purpose in some more precise processes

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