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Sangu moulu asked to go out of the mountain, Liu Gong's "Bethune" - Guan Tongbao

Sangu moulu asked to go out of the mountain, Liu Gong's "Bethune" - Guan Tongbao

China Construction machinery information

2018 is the 60th anniversary of the founding of Liu Gong and the 15th anniversary of the internationalization strategy of Liu Gong. Over the past 60 years, based on itself, Liugong has made unremitting efforts, deeply cultivated technological innovation, followed the three strategies of comprehensive internationalization, comprehensive intelligence and comprehensive solutions, and created a number of firsts in the industry. It has not only achieved leapfrog development, but also promoted the accelerated development of the domestic construction machinery industry from small to large, from China to the world, and led China's equipment manufacturing industry to the world

Liugong's internationalization road benefits from a large number of international talents, and 1500 employees from more than 30 countries around the world promote Liugong to constantly move towards the international level in terms of R & D system, process planning, professional technology and so on. A group of foreign senior management talents came to Liugong's headquarters in China, which contributed to the development of Liugong

Guan Tongbao, the technical leader and vice president of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd.

there is such a leading figure named David beatenbough, who was invited by Zeng Guangan, the then president of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., at the beginning of this century to take charge of the research and development system. In the first year of joining Liugong, he led the team to solve more than 100 problems at one time, so that the technical quality and performance of Liugong's skid steer loader and backhoe loader quickly reached the international level. Since joining Liugong in 2007, Guan Tongbao has made great contributions to the construction of Liugong's R & D management system and R & D platform, and promoted the improvement of Liugong's R & D efficiency. In 2015, Guan Tongbao won the "Friendship Award" of the Chinese government and became Liu Gong's first foreign expert to win a national award

the "Friendship Award" of the Chinese government is the highest award set up by the Chinese government to commend foreign experts who have made outstanding contributions to China's modernization drive and the cause of reform and opening up

chairman Zeng Guang'an commented, "Guan Tongbao is a person who works hard and is a real entrepreneur." In the 11th year after Guan Tongbao joined Liugong, the magazine traffic construction and management came to Liugong's factory in Jiangyin, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, to feel the development and progress of Liugong's technology research and development with him, and realize that China's construction machinery industry is more stable in the new round of growth boom after a long-term market downturn and winter, because the use of torque tester equipment is generally not used every day, rational Mature to become a global leader in construction machinery

promote the reform of R & D process

for a long time, how to change the large but not strong construction machinery and equipment in China has become the goal pursued by many entrepreneurs. The introduction of international high-end talents, starting with the research and development system, is considered to be the only way to find a solution to the problem. One of the missions of Guan Tongbao is to combine the international advanced integrated product R & D process with the reality of Liugong and develop the Liugong product development process (LDP) with Liugong's characteristics

before the implementation of LDP process, there was a lack of unity in R & D work. For example, for the R & D work of different tonnage models, each project team carried out work independently, resulting in inconsistent parts, large parts inventory, difficult production for suppliers, and high product costs. LDP process pays more attention to early planning, review, risk prevention and control, team role, test and verification. In Guan Tongbao's view, "problems always exist, and the key is whether to find them by yourself or by customers." Therefore, he emphasized the preliminary research and planning work, and advocated experimenting as early as possible

"LDP helps us establish a complete development. We hope to further simplify the process and eliminate unnecessary data flow interruption process by integrating these two products more closely. In particular, at the initial stage of development, we must consider all things clearly, that is, we must make a good product definition, and follow-up product development in strict accordance with the product definition to ensure the development of excellent products that meet the product definition." Guan Tongbao believes that product definition is the most important link in the product development stage

this is an unprecedented change, and we can imagine the difficulties and resistance encountered in changing habits. However, when D series excavators were well received on the market, the company's R & D personnel began to face up to the benefits brought by LDP process; When H-series loaders made a sensation in the industry and market, many complaints about LDP process disappeared. Guan Tongbao said, "the LDP process runs through the whole process of product development and production. Although such changes will not be immediate, the products will benefit for life."

through the promotion and application of LDP process, Guan Tongbao standardized the R & D management of Liugong, and improved the waste caused by repetitive errors in R & D due to unclear product definition. At the same time, he introduced international advanced access control management concepts, and gave full play to the synergy and influence of market, finance, manufacturing and other key sectors in the product development process, so that the success rate of product development was significantly improved

as the technical leader of Liugong, Guan Tongbao not only has high attainments in technology, but also has excellent team leadership. He is good at mobilizing the enthusiasm of technical talents, attracting and cultivating top technical talents, including 22 research institutes in three overseas research institutes. He has built a 1000 person high-level technical team with a number of professor level senior engineers, doctors, foreign technical experts and an international perspective, which is the top priority of Liu Gong's quality improvement

building a dual platform R & D architecture

how to draw on the R & D organization and management experience of international advanced benchmarks to plan and implement the R & D management platform of Liugong products is another great challenge for Guan Tongbao as the vice president of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. In continuing to promote the construction of Liugong's basic technology research and development work, Guan Tongbao innovatively divided Liugong's original traditional single technology research and development department organizational structure into product technology research and development platform and generic technology research and development platform. The product technology platform focuses on product research and development and system matching, and the generic technology platform focuses on the in-depth research and development, promotion and application of high-end core generic technology. The efficient collaboration between the two platforms has laid a solid foundation for the standardized and serialized development of product technology research and development, and the significant improvement of research and development capacity and organizational efficiency

Liugong loader under test

at the same time, the organizational efficiency of the enterprise has been improved and the R & D system has been improved, which has promoted the R & D of Liugong products to make substantive progress. Liugong's products have changed from traditional single product development to seriation research and development. Therefore, Liugong's complete machine products have entered an era of comprehensive upgrading, and seriation research and development of E-series excavators, H-series loaders and other products have been fully launched

in terms of common core technology improvement, Liugong has achieved a qualitative breakthrough in vibration and noise technology and achieved an international leading position. Liugong also promoted the rapid development of key component technology through cooperative development and independent development. Key core components such as engine, hydraulic and transmission have achieved energy efficiency and rapidly improved quality

the unveiling ceremony of the national earthwork machinery engineering technology research center and the inauguration ceremony of Liugong global R & D center

since 2010, Liugong, as an extensometer, should not rely on samples, is responsible for the preparation and establishment of the "national earthwork Machinery Engineering Technology Research center". As the head of the center's preparation team, Guan Tongbao led the team to play a vital role in the smooth acceptance of the center

since its establishment, the center has carried out 372 technical research projects, including 6 national science and technology projects, 22 provincial and municipal science and technology projects, and 15 horizontal social commissioned research projects, focusing on technical research, research and development of earth moving machinery products, achievement transformation and technical services. 18 new products have been developed, and 14 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards have been won; 473 patents have been applied for (293 have been authorized), including 213 invention patents (24 have been authorized); 7 computer software copyrights; Preside over or participate in the formulation of 20 national and industrial standards. Hosted or participated in 44 important international and domestic technical exchanges and lectures such as the "academician of engineering machinery technology innovation (Guangxi) trip"

the center has built a comprehensive engineering technology research platform for the earth moving machinery industry, which integrates R & D, testing, information management and training, and has the ability of independent innovation and strong ability to transform technical achievements. In November, 2014, the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China officially passed the acceptance of the "national earthwork Machinery Engineering Technology Research Center". As a supporting unit, Liugong has become an important base for scientific research and development, technological innovation and industrialization demonstration of China's earthwork machinery industry, representing the first-class level of technology research and development and achievement transformation of China's earthwork machinery industry, and the benefits of achievement technology transfer and industrialization are remarkable

grasp the recovery and growth of the industry

from 2012 to 2016, China's construction machinery industry experienced a long-term trough for the first time. Not only did the sales scale shrink by pressing the "brake" button, but also the development willingness and investment scale of industry enterprises were deeply affected. During the lowest period of the industry in 2015, the completion ceremony of Liugong global R & D center was grandly held in Liuzhou. The new R & D center and the company's global headquarters are located in Liuzhou, which will become the new core hub of Liugong's R & D in addition to India, Poland, the United States and the United Kingdom

the exhibition hall on the first floor of Liugong global R & D center

Liugong global R & D center covers an area of 110000 square meters, including a global R & D building with a construction area of 22000 square meters and a global test center with an area of 100000 square meters; It includes large-scale test-bed, such as heat balance test-bed, engine test-bed, structural fatigue test-bed, semi anechoic laboratory, electronic and electrical laboratory, material science laboratory, etc., and a large outdoor test field. The new global R & D center also set up a creative space and industrial design studio to stimulate the innovative thinking of R & D personnel, effectively improve the efficiency of product development and shorten the product development cycle

the completion and operation of Liugong global R & D center not only provides strong support for Liugong's global R & D layout, but also highlights Liugong's strategic vision of long-term development of the construction machinery industry. "Every time the market experiences a downturn, there will be a recovery stage, which is experienced by major global construction machinery brands. Only when they can survive the ups and downs of cyclical adjustment and continue to develop steadily can they have the hope to grow into a world-class enterprise." Guan Tongbao said

in 2017, China's construction machinery industry ushered in a long-awaited growth. In the first half of 2018, Liugong's sales revenue increased by more than 60% year-on-year, and its profit growth doubled year-on-year, with gratifying results! The market share of Liugong loader, excavator, bulldozer, roller, grader and other product lines has increased to varying degrees. In the overseas market, Liugong achieved a substantial increase in sales, with a year-on-year increase of more than 40%, about 20 percentage points higher than the industry

Liugong took the lead in the recovery stage of the construction machinery industry and achieved a strong growth momentum and performance higher than the average growth rate of the industry, thanks to Liugong's increasingly solid internal skills during the downturn of the industry, as well as Liugong's rational thinking and investment in research and development and market

lead the future of industrial development

with the development of China's economy, there are more and more modern cities, and new demands are constantly emerging. These needs may be

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