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From a glimpse of the new trend after the warm weather returns to the cold, how to "create wind" for environmental protection on the road of chasing the wind

"years are quiet and good" in terms of environmental protection, it suddenly stopped in 2018. Years are better than environmental protection, and it will end abruptly in 2018

in 2018, the chill of environmental protection inevitably cooled investors: the leverage on the capital side gradually failed, and the financial cost increased geometrically. In the context of strict financial control and capacity reduction, while environmental capital is cold, many listed environmental protection enterprises have also encountered a shortage of money, and the performance Carnival in the previous period of time is gone forever. According to public data, in the first nine months of 2018 alone, the net profits of more than 50 listed environmental protection enterprises fell by nearly 18.99%

as we all know, the environmental protection industry encountered serious financing problems in 2018, and this sudden winter is also one of the important factors for the market to vote with its feet. As fan Yuansheng, President of China Environmental Protection Industry Association, said, the accounts receivable of some large enterprises in the industry are often as high as billions of yuan, and the accounts receivable of some medium-sized backbone enterprises are also as high as hundreds of millions of yuan. The account default cycle is longer than four years. The rapid expansion of the scale of taking orders through structured financing and the opening of opportunities for infrastructure projects based on PPP mode have also further increased the debt burden of environmental protection enterprises

from the perspective of sub sectors, the traditional sector, which is already shrinking investment opportunities, has become the hardest hit area this time. Compared with the rising field of environmental monitoring and hazardous waste disposal, the waste gas treatment and water treatment equipment market shows a certain degree of uncertainty. For this phenomenon, domestic securities firms attributed it to the sharp reduction of their investment potential

however, the actual results of the above difficulties seem to show signs of recovery with the arrival of a new starting point in 2019. Although some listed environmental protection enterprises have experienced a significant decline in performance, many industry leaders still maintain a continuous positive performance. After the trough in 2018, the environmental protection industry may usher in new opportunities. Relevant authorities predict that during the 13th Five Year Plan period, the investment cake that adopts word amplification, collection and closed-loop control, including the seven landmark campaigns and soil remediation, will far exceed 3.87 trillion yuan, and the investment will be directly used to purchase products and services of the environmental protection industry of about 1.68 trillion yuan, which will indirectly drive the added value of the environmental protection industry chain of nearly 398.8 billion yuan

the more powerful catalyst comes from a series of top-level designs. According to the announcement on the income tax policy of third-party enterprises engaged in pollution prevention and control jointly issued by the four ministries and commissions a few days ago, the enterprise income tax will be levied at a reduced rate of 15% for qualified third-party enterprises engaged in pollution prevention and control. Moreover, the opinions on supporting and serving the green development of private enterprises also objectively promotes the improvement of the investment environment

after the cold winter with the elimination of inefficient production capacity as the core, the reconstructed environmental protection industry may not lack vitality and vigor. In the face of the dual positive demand for environmental improvement and policy dividends, the market demand for pragmatic, high-efficiency and refined environmental protection services will press the fast forward button, followed by a round of development boom in the implementation of the environmental protection Xinjiao 1035 plan. Wind data shows that among the nearly 70 theme industries, the environmental protection industry index has increased by nearly 30% so far, ranking among the top 50

industry analysts generally pointed out that in the next two years, the number of environmental protection enterprises may usher in a cliff like decline, which also means that mergers and acquisitions will still become the main theme of the market, and the industrial reshuffle has just begun. Luojianhua, vice president and chief environmental policy expert of the chamber of Commerce for the environment, once said that although the environmental protection industry encountered a crisis in 2019, it does not mean that the industry has an inflection point

winter is coming, and enterprises that can survive the winter are the backbone of the future. Fu Tao, partner of E20 environmental platform, said to the environmental protection private enterprises that want to survive that they have placed their hearts on our customers' trust and dependence. However, there is also public opinion that the re entrants may bring a new wind direction to the environmental protection market pattern. However, the subsequent evolution is more due to the expressiveness of private listed enterprises of environmental protection after breaking away from the policy

different from the extensive survival law in the past, more and more enterprises pay attention to technology and effect. From environmental improvement to exploring the coexistence of economy and ecology, from investment and construction to comprehensive service-oriented, environmental protection is taking on a new look step by step. Because compared with the mode of early construction, operation will become the source of building environmental protection enterprises to maintain their core competitiveness

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