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"Made in Zhengzhou" roadheader broke into China railway equipment in Europe to show strength again

"made in Zhengzhou" roadheader broke into China railway equipment in Europe to show strength again

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yesterday, the author learned from China Railway Engineering Equipment Group in Zhengzhou Economic Development Zone that China Railway Engineering Equipment Group and Italian CMC company signed two Rock Roadheader procurement contracts in Zheng, which is the first time that China's own brand Rock Roadheader has been exported to Europe, Add an important mark to the cooperation between China's equipment and international production capacity

it is understood that in recent years, China Railway Engineering Equipment Group has fully mastered the independent design and manufacturing technology of roadheader based on the national "863" and "973" projects. At present, China Railway Equipment shield products are applied to all metro projects under construction in China, and the comprehensive strength and market share of the enterprise rank first in China for four consecutive years. With the continuous development and expansion of the company, China Railway Engineering Equipment Group takes the overseas strategy as one of the two major strategies of the company, often one inspector is retained when sampling, and closely follows the national "the Belt and Road" strategy to promote Chinese brand roadheader to the world. The company has exported 10 roadheader products to Malaysia, Singapore, India, Lebanon and other countries and regions. In 2013, the company acquired the intellectual property rights and brand use rights of German wilt Hard Rock Roadheader, successively established German companies, Hong Kong companies, Singapore technical service companies, and established Indian and Brazilian agencies to "compete with world-renowned enterprises" in the domestic and international markets, Become the leader of China's roadheader going overseas

"the cooperation with Italian CMC company opened the market of Chinese rock heading machine into Europe for the first time, marking the international recognition of Chinese tunneling machine equipment manufacturing enterprises." Tanshunhui, general manager of China Railway Engineering Equipment Group, said that CMC is an international top construction contractor with a history of 100 years, and has quite mature rock heading machine construction technology. The two rock boring machines signed this time will be applied to the construction of water supply tunnel and transmission pipeline in Greater Beirut, Lebanon. They are mainly applicable to construction projects and are completely constructed in accordance with international standards

according to the introduction, the stratum rock of the Lebanon project is mainly limestone, of which 15.98% of the construction sections are buried deeper than 200 meters, and the vast majority of the rocks are expected to be hard or medium hardness. 35% of them are expected to be very hard or extremely hard. In the worst case, they may encounter a 3-meter karst cave with groundwater with a flow rate of 5 L/s. The geological structure is extremely complex and the construction is particularly difficult. The requirements for the design and production of rock heading machines have been raised to a higher level. China railway equipment has actively improved and innovated the design and configuration of cutterhead and drive system, so that Chinese equipment can better adapt to the "foreign environment"

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