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The secret weapon of information security, Yuzhan ah650 fingerprint USB drive, is this fan

is there a secret weapon to protect information security? have Yuzhan ah650 fingerprint USB drive ensures data security and fingerprint recognition, which is indestructible! Nowadays, fingerprint identification is more and more used in daily life, such as fingerprint password box, fingerprint anti-theft door, fingerprint punch in machine... Of course, fingerprints can also be applied to USB flash drives, making data security as reassuring as a safe. Yuzhan ah650 is such a safe and easy-to-use fingerprint encryption USB drive, which builds an information security screen for you

the appearance of Yuzhan h650 fingerprint USB flash disk seems to be no different from that of ordinary USB flash disk except that it shows dignity and full sense of technology. However, its essence is that ah650 adopts the latest capacitive fingerprint identification technology to ensure the security of information and data with unique biological fingerprint encryption, 360 degree dead corner free sensing, public and private data partition management and other functions. It also has the extremely fast transmission speed of USB 3.0 and is downward compatible with USB 2.0. MLC flash memory chip is used internally, and the reading speed can reach 130mb/s. Ah650 can store 10 fingerprint data together with the software, and the storage space is also divided into protected areas and non protected areas. The protected content can be viewed only after fingerprint identification, while the data information stored in the non protected area can be publicly used. What are the performance characteristics of the electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal testing machine? Now please follow me to have a look

is it convenient to use such a black technology USB drive? Yuzhan ah650 adopts fingerprint identification protection, plug and play, convenient and safe. The demand of the industry directly affects the vanadium market. The latest capacitive fingerprint identification not only has fast identification speed and high accuracy, but also has no directional restrictions when pressing fingerprints. It is much safer and more convenient than traditional sliding fingerprint scanning, and also avoids the complicated password input process. Users only need to stick their fingers flat in the fingerprint sensing area, and they can easily open the encrypted disk area, so that important data can be perfectly protected

for enterprise secret protectors, this extremely safe and fast USB drive can provide the greatest convenience for their business data security. At the same time, there is a black protective cap on the USB flash drive. The overall water chestnut is clear, clean, and thick business style. The Yuzhan ah650 comes in two colors: shiny gold and Star Diamond Silver. It weighs only 11g and has 32GB and 64 capacity options, GB and 128GB, in order to continue the requirements of realizing lightweight and continuously improving power output

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