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Seeper Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. participated in the 2011 China Japan Green Expo

on June 1, 2011, the China Japan Green Expo hosted by the China Council for the promotion of international trade and the Japan Federation of economic organizations kicked off in Beijing, focusing on environmental protection end products closely related to people's daily life, transmitting environmental protection information, and triggering people's in-depth thinking and awareness of environmental issues. Shuishui Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. participated in the Expo, aiming to emphasize the environmental protection activities and career development of Shuishui chemical group in China. It focuses on its business activities in China, including water infrastructure, vehicles, medical treatment, etc. at the same time, it also shows the environmental protection, education and other corporate social projects carried out by Hydrochemistry in China

at present, seeper Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. actively participates in environmental protection by expanding the sales of environmental contributing products in China, implementing nature conservation activities, and promoting zero waste discharge at production sites. And by further wiping the steel plastic tube twists and turns experimental machine, we will further expand the water infrastructure, automobile and medical undertakings that have been carried out in China so far, and make contributions to the seemingly simple problems of Chinese society

ponding chemical invested in Yongchang ponding composite material Co., Ltd. (the original company name: Yongchang composite material Co., Ltd.) in April 2005 to enter China's water infrastructure market from strengthening plastic composite pipes. Since then, it has received orders from China and Central Asian countries, becoming the main point of overseas water infrastructure

the intermediate film business for laminated glass, which has been developed since 2004, has added a second production line at the production site in Suzhou since October 2009 to cope with the rapidly growing demand

in addition, in October, 2010, in the medical field, seeper medical technology (China) Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells vacuum blood collection vessels (original company name: Beijing seeper Chuangge Medical Technology Co., Ltd.), will be merged with Shanghai Dayi Medical Intelligence Trading Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the activity support of local sales agents in terms of reagents, and will be positioned as the main point of China

ponding chemistry has formulated a long-term vision for "environmental cutting-edge society" that should be achieved by 2030. Based on this assumption, the new environmental medium-term plan "environmental leader plan? Shinka!" was formulated (2009~2013)。

ponding chemistry will be committed to the following undertakings in the future:

in the water infrastructure industry, it will expand its business from selling products alone to surrounding fields such as design, construction, after-sales service and maintenance. While expanding the value chain business, it will give full play to the unique advantages of plastics, reduce water leakage to a minimum, and make contributions to the environment. In the field of vehicles, we will expand the sales of high-performance intermediate films such as sound insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation and heat insulation for automobiles or laminated glass with the lowest dew point temperature. In recent years, with the improvement of China's environmental awareness, higher requirements have been put forward for automotive environmental protection, and the company will effectively meet its needs. In the medical field, the new company after the merger will strengthen the import and sales of reagents. And go through various procedures in order to manufacture reagents in the future

about the Zhushi meeting of Ponzi chemical industry

Ponzi chemical was founded in 1947, and is the first company in Japan to carry out automatic injection molding. Do you have a house and environment at present? Three major business areas, including living infrastructure and high-performance plastics, have become enterprise groups with 220 points abroad in Japan. In China, the market demand for these materials will reach 13000 tons. So far, they have focused on water infrastructure, automotive, medical and other fields, and their sales in 2010 reached 32.5 billion yen. In terms of environment, it has not only sponsored various environmental related activities, but also carried out afforestation activities in Yuping mountain (Suzhou) with a number of group companies in China since March 2009. This activity is the first activity carried out by Ponzi chemical outside Japan. That's why Ponzi chemical has been actively carrying out environmental protection activities

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