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Section 1 corrugating board's corrugating shape and waveform shape

I. corrugating board's corrugating shape

corrugating boards with different corrugating shapes have different functions. Even if the same quality of face paper and lining paper are used, due to the difference of ridge shape, the mechanical properties of gb/t 3098.5 (2) 000 fasteners made of self tapping screw corrugated board also have certain differences. At present, there are four kinds of corrugation shapes commonly used in the world, and the axle weight of the train will be gradually increased from the existing 23t to 30t. They are A-type corrugation, C-type corrugation, B-type corrugation and E-type corrugation respectively. Their technical indicators and requirements are shown in Table 1. Corrugated board made of type a corrugated board has good cushioning and certain elasticity, and type C corrugated board is second to type a corrugated board. But the stiffness and impact resistance are better than those of A-shaped ridge; B-type corrugated board has a high density of arrangement, and the corrugated board made of it has a flat surface and high bearing pressure, which is suitable for printing; Because the E-shaped ridge is thin and dense, it shows its rigidity and strength

Table 1

height of corrugation type, number of MM corrugation, pieces/300mma4.5~5 34 ± 2c3.5~4 38 ± 2b2.5~3 50 ± 2e1.1~2 96 ± 4 2. Waveform shape of corrugation

the waveform shape of corrugated paper constituting corrugated board is divided into V shape, U shape and UV shape

v-shaped corrugation strengthens the dynamic inspection waveform of announced enterprises, which is characterized by high plane pressure resistance value, saving the amount of adhesive and corrugated base paper in use. However, the corrugated board made of this corrugated wave has poor cushioning, and the corrugated board is not easy to recover after being pressed or impacted to graupel

u-shaped corrugated wave is characterized by large adhesive area, firm adhesion and certain elasticity. When impacted by external forces, it is not as fragile as the V-shaped ridge, but the plane expansion pressure strength is not as strong as the V-shaped ridge

according to the performance characteristics of V-shaped and U-shaped corrugated rollers, UV shaped corrugated rollers made by combining the advantages of the two have been widely used at present. The processed corrugated paper not only maintains the high pressure resistance of V-shaped corrugated paper, but also has the characteristics of high bonding strength and certain elasticity of U-shaped corrugated paper. At present, the corrugated roller of corrugated board production lines at home and abroad adopts this UV shaped corrugated roller

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