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"King of tissue" Deng Yingzhong: my mission is to make others rich

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in Yagang village by Liuxi River in Guangzhou, there is a well-off family surnamed Deng

this year, the Deng family had a great event: a son of master Deng, who was handsome, smart and capable, was accepted as an adopted son by Chen Jitang, the "Southern heavenly king" of Guangdong at that time, and sent to Zhongshan University, a famous school in Guangdong Province, for further study

Mr. Deng majored in insects in the Department of agriculture and forestry, with a minor in Japanese and finance. After graduating with excellent grades, he first worked as a lecturer in Sun Yat sen University for a period of time, and later served as a Supervisory Commissioner in the Guangdong provincial government

during his study, he fell in love with a female student from another university

this female student is also a scholar. Her father is an overseas Chinese living in the United States, and she is very open-minded about the education of her children. So she went to a new school since childhood and spoke fluent English. During the May 4th movement, she was also a patriotic youth who actively participated in the activities

Mr. Deng and the female students fell in love with each other. After working, they soon got married and had two children

with their respective family backgrounds, the couple had a good life in the past few years

but soon, as the Kuomintang was defeated like a mountain, new ideas and new regimes swept away all the old forces

when their third child was born in 1951, the land of China had already changed its appearance, and their small family had also experienced two days

the third child is dengyingzhong

in xiaoyingzhong's memory, his father has been sent to the farm as a technician

presumably, this former master Deng has suffered a lot on the farm, so he often said to Deng Yingzhong, "no matter how difficult it is, you can't blame others. You should find reasons from yourself, not excuses from others. Be strict with yourself, be lenient to others, and the important thing is to be yourself."

this sentence sounds very inspirational, but for the parties, it must be full of heartache

but the more sad is still ahead

after several years of hardship, Mr. Deng died. At that time, Deng Yingzhong was only 7 years old and was in the first grade of Farm Primary School

for some reasons, the poor widow left by Mr. Deng couldn't even restrain her husband's bones. It was not until five years later that she had the opportunity to take her children to retrieve the bones

after her husband died, she couldn't stay on the farm, so she had to return to her husband's family in Yagang village with three children

from the young lady of a rich family to the single mother of three children, she had no time to complain and could only do everything to feed the three growing children

although the family is poor, she will teach the children not to do bad things, because "there are gods three feet above the head", and heaven is watching. Sometimes, she will tell stories of her youth and teach children some business common sense

at that time, it was a difficult period of three years, and food was very scarce. The Deng family didn't even have a strong labor force, and they often ran out of food. The children had to eat whatever they caught in trees, fields and Liuxi River

Deng Yingzhong's grandmother told the children that if they don't have enough to eat, their stomachs should be covered, and they should be good men. It means: don't talk about hunger outside. A man should be responsible and don't be looked down upon

at that time, there was only one kerosene lamp at home, and grandma always hung it at the door. Young Deng Yingzhong asked Grandma: why do you put the lamp at the door? Grandma said: let passers-by have light

this left a deep impression on Deng Yingzhong's heart: people should not only illuminate themselves, but also learn to illuminate others

At the age of 8, in order to support the family, Deng Yingzhong began to go to school half a day and herd cattle half a day. After that, he spent the whole primary school career like this

in school, Deng Yingzhong is also a naughty child, with great courage and not afraid of other people's strange eyes

in class, if other students can't help farting, they all do it secretly. Deng Yingzhong is different. He always farts recklessly, often causing the whole class to laugh. So that later, as long as there was a loud fart in the class, the teacher knew it was him who did a good thing and would criticize him by name: "Deng Yingzhong, do you need to fart so loudly?"

in the fourth grade, a new head teacher came to the class. Deng Yingzhong picked a pile of stinging Xanthium, put it in the garbage basket and put it on the door frame. As a result, the teacher pushed the door and was hit by a basket of garbage and Xanthium sibiricum

fortunately, Deng Yingzhong is an adventurous person. When he found that the new head teacher turned out to be a quiet and beautiful female teacher, he rushed to the podium to apologize and was punished for sunbathing on the playground all morning

After the beginning of the cultural revolution, Deng Yingzhong, who has always been lively and outstanding, was first elected as the captain of the red guards. But as the political atmosphere became more tense, he was kicked out because of his family background. However, this also made him a blessing in disguise. Later, the fighting between the two red guards did not affect him

when the Cultural Revolution was in full swing, Deng Yingzhong had dropped out of school and was sent by the commune to raise ducks. The place where ducks are raised is on an island in the middle of the river, where they eat and live, far away from the earth and political disputes at that time

Deng Yingzhong, a 16-year-old duck shepherd, triggered his first deep life thinking when raising ducks

at that time, because ducks were mainly raised to lay eggs, male ducks were useless. Except for leaving one mating, all other male ducks had to be killed and eaten

Deng Yingzhong looked at the male ducks, who were still fighting the night before, just to compete for the right to mate with the female duck, completely unaware of the imminent disaster

he thought to himself: what's the significance of your struggle? What if you win? Isn't it going to be killed the next day

he thought again: are we human beings not like this? Fight every day, why come? What's the difference between God looking at us and we looking at these ducks

since then, Deng Yingzhong has formed a philosophy of life: laugh about ancient and modern things, and be romantic to win or lose


in the early 1970s, Deng Yingzhong, who was already an adult, began to follow the people in the production team to Guangzhou to repair projects

because of his cleverness and hard work, he was soon promoted to a small leader, managing one of the 17 engineering teams

unlike other team leaders, Deng Yingzhong did not manage his team according to the usual operation after taking over. Instead, he concentrated on thinking about how the team members could save time and effort, how to cooperate with each other to achieve the highest efficiency, and how to mobilize the enthusiasm of the team members

before long, his team's labor efficiency was far higher than that of other teams. Because the income of the engineering team is linked to labor efficiency, the income of their team is also much higher than that of other teams. So that people from other teams have asked to join his team

in the end, all the other 16 teams have been under the command of Deng Yingzhong

at this time, Deng Yingzhong was just 20 years old, and he had a wonderful pleasure of Emperor Qinshihuang's reunification of the six countries

After the completion of the project, Deng Yingzhong entered Guangzhou cement plant as a temporary worker. Although his position is "paper binding worker", due to his outstanding ability, he actually works as a salesman, running business, engaging in transportation, managing supply and marketing, etc

this year, the situation at home is finally booming. During the Spring Festival, my mother was able to share the remaining money with the three brothers. Deng Yingzhong also got 15 points

the number of 15 in 1973 is not small. Deng Yingzhong, who was assigned money, was elated and ignored his mother's instructions to "save some money". That day, he called friends and rode a bike for more than 50 minutes to the urban area, and ate up a meal

although he grew up poor, Deng Yingzhong never took money seriously. In his opinion, money is not important, but contacts and credibility. It's the most cost-effective business to exchange money for people's hearts

his personality is an important reason for his future career success

In 1976, he and his friend Guang Jing'an had dinner in a restaurant. Guang Jing'an met an acquaintance named Qu Bo. After the two sides said hello, Guang Jing'an invited Qu Bo to eat at the same table, and Qu Bo politely declined

Deng Yingzhong went to offer a cup of tea, chatted a few words, and then secretly bought the order

after a while, Qu Bo came over, held Deng Yingzhong's hand and said, "young man, I'm very moved that you help me pay the bill. I think you will be a person who will do great things in the future. I want to give you a word, which may be useful for you in the future, and it's also my way of being a man:" set up a good example of money and be a model in dealing with the world "

these two words deeply touched Deng Yingzhong, and the more he pondered, the more reasonable he felt. Later, it became his guiding philosophy in dealing with the world. He also felt that the two metaphors of this sentence were more obscure, so he changed them into two more straightforward sentences: "know the advance and retreat inside and outside, stand up and love people"

because of these words, Deng Yingzhong henceforth regarded Qu Bo as a benefactor who knew what to expect. Until he was old, he would visit Qu Bo every year

In 1977, introduced by his friend Guang Jingan, Deng Yingzhong came to Shunde Ronggui to run business

the marketization process of Shunde started relatively early. At that time, although the Cultural Revolution had just ended, there were already many small factories. Deng Yingzhong's main business is to help those small factories solve the urgent need for diesel fuel (at that time, the power supply capacity was insufficient, power outages were frequent, and diesel engines were essential equipment for factories)

soon, he made a sum of money and built a new house in the local area. His title of "capable person" has gradually spread. In everyone's eyes, Deng Yingzhong has great powers and nothing can be done. The village heads and secretaries of the surrounding villages also know Deng Yingzhong's name

In 1978, the spring breeze of reform and opening up was blowing all over China. Deng Yingzhong's mother reads books and newspapers every day and is keenly aware of social changes. She said excitedly to her three sons, "children, the social situation in China is about to change. You should seize the opportunity to venture boldly. As long as you dare to venture, you can live a good life!"

soon, Deng Yingzhong's opportunity came. At that time, due to poor management of the paper mill where Guang Jing'an was located, the village wanted to find a contractor. Deng Yingzhong, who learned the news, found the village Party Secretary and expressed his intention to contract

the village party secretary was happy to see that Deng Yingzhong wanted to contract. He said: I don't trust others to contract. I strongly support you, Deng Yingzhong, to contract

Deng Yingzhong proposed that if the contract is contracted, it is necessary to borrow 500 start-up funds from the village. The village Party Secretary agreed

therefore, in March 1979, the Lexin paper mill in Ronggui town, Shunde contracted by Deng Yingzhong was officially opened. There were five workers in the first batch, mainly producing cement paper bags

Deng Yingzhong's magnanimous use of money (in other words, extravagance) appeared again: in order to have a good omen for his first business and expand the influence of the factory, he held a grand opening ceremony and invited all people to attend the opening banquet

as a result, the borrowed 500 yuan was quickly spent

at this time, wages and raw materials cost money, but the factory accounts are empty. In order to find money, Deng Yingzhong entrusted the factory to Guang Jing'an for management

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