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Deng Yuanyang, the most beautiful worker: start from scratch at the most "cow" moment

Deng Yuanyang, the most beautiful worker: start from scratch at the most "cow" moment

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not long ago, Deng Yuanyang, a migrant worker from Xiamen, was elected as the candidate for "the most beautiful worker" among the most beautiful grass-roots figures in Fujian Province in 2014

Deng Yuanyang is 35 years old, but he has worked for 16 years and is a real "old worker". In 1998, Deng Yuanyang, who graduated from technical secondary school of industrial automation, came to a textile factory in Xinglin, Xiamen

Deng Yuanyang, who has just left school, has no work experience. Suddenly he has to face the machine maintenance of the whole assembly line in the factory, and he has to consult his predecessors frequently. At that time, the factory required three shifts. When the machine broke down during the night shift, he was also embarrassed to ask for advice in the middle of the night, so he had to bite the drawings by himself. Under the urging of "pressure", Deng Yuanyang remembered every technology taught by his master while turning over the drawings and reading materials by himself. About half a year, he has been able to complete the maintenance of production equipment independently. In one year, he read the drawings of every equipment on the whole production line. You know, the drawing of a single equipment on the production line is about 10cm thick, and there are a dozen different equipment on the whole production line

in the best time of his youth, Deng Yuanyang was dealing with production equipment. "Those drawings seem to be printed in my mind. They are very familiar." Before leaving the textile factory, Deng Yuanyang was full of confidence and felt that he was "cow" enough, but in fact, coming to the new unit was like entering another vast forest, which made him "lost" again at the peak. Everything started almost from scratch, and his biggest emotion was: "there are still many things to learn."

after joining Xiamen Yuchai Engine Co., Ltd. as an intermediate worker in 2008, Deng Yuanyang participated in the company's power distribution equipment review and equipment installation and commissioning, was responsible for the daily maintenance and repair of the company's equipment, and served as the leader of the maintenance team. "When you are free, you will check the information yourself, and occasionally contact full-time teachers to do training for us. You should timely" look for professionals for protection training three years ago. " Deng Yuanyang seems to have changed back to a young tree because of other parts. He is eager to absorb more "nutrients" and let himself "regain life"

with a solid foundation in equipment maintenance for more than ten years, Deng Yuanyang needs to establish a close partnership with vanadium raw material enterprises and continue to study hard. Deng Yuanyang soon entered a role in the new company. At this time, Yuchai company has only been established for two years. "Xiao Deng has been very active in the construction of new equipment since he came here, and has become a backbone, leading many new employees who have just graduated, and playing a great role in the establishment of the company's production line." The superior leaders who worked with Deng Yuanyang for six years still remember the past

in the early years, Deng Yuanyang was like a "firefighter", where there was a "fire", he got to "put out the fire". Over the past seven years, Deng Yuanyang has assiduously studied various maintenance technologies and spared no effort to cultivate the company's maintenance team, making himself and the entire maintenance team members irreplaceable technical experts in the company's maintenance. Deng Yuanyang's proudest technical breakthrough was the successful maintenance of a battery forklift

"because I have never repaired, and I have no confidence." The broken controller was sent back to the original manufacturer, and the manufacturer sentenced it to "death" - unable to repair, which means that if the company wants to continue to use the forklift, it must spend nearly 30000 yuan to buy a new controller. By checking various materials and looking for suitable parts, Deng Yuanyang was pleasantly surprised to find that in fact, it was just a small integrated block on the controller that controlled the current. "It only cost less than 10 yuan to replace a new integrated block." Deng Yuanyang's excitement was beyond expression. This forklift has been used for nearly two years now, and there is no problem at all. He said that after the repair, he was not happy with the company's praise, but that the car moved again. "That kind of happy mood is like winning the grand prize!"

Deng Yuanyang has grown from an intermediate worker to a technician, but he still hasn't stopped learning. He said: "machines and equipment, like computers, whether software or hardware, are being updated every year. We must keep learning to keep up with the pace of industry development."

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