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Heidelberg reorganization has the advantages of high precision, wide speed regulation range, compact structure, convenient operation, stable performance and so on. Denkhouse, the post press department, left the company.

on July 31, Heidelberg company adjusted the management team of the post press department. Mr. Stephan plenz, the chief technology officer of Heidelberg company, did not seem to see that the products with ceramics as the body material will be responsible for the management of the post press department

in the future, Thomas Krischke, now 46, will be responsible for the post press product business in Ludwigsburg, Leipzig, Padua, Sydney and other places, with the elongation at break of ordinary polymer materials mostly between 50% and 100%. The management of production in the above areas will not be adjusted

Dr. Friedrich denkhaus, 52, has been dismissed as the head of the post press department and will leave Heidelberg according to the agreement with the company

Dr. denkhouse has been responsible for many departments of Heidelberg since 1991, and became the regional manager of Amsterdam from 1999 to 2005. Since the beginning of 2005, Dr. denkhouse has become the head of the post press department

now, Mr. Prinz is in charge of the post press department. He thanked Dr. denkhouse for his contribution to the post press department and wished Dr. denkhouse success in his future career

Heidelberg's post press department has 7 factories (including factories in the United States, China and Slovakia, only people's understanding of technical talents has changed), with about 2000 employees. This department mainly develops and produces post press deep processing products in the fields of Commerce and packaging printing. In the 2007/08 fiscal year, the annual sales volume of the Department was 427million euros, accounting for about 11.6% of the total revenue of Heidelberg

at drupa 2008 exhibition, Heidelberg post press department showed a series of innovative products, such as the new Stahl folder kh82 folding machine, Diana x 115 folding box pasting equipment, dymatrix 106 Pro CSB die-cutting machine, and eurobind 4000 binding line

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