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Security robots may become a blue ocean market. Enterprises need to seize the opportunity of "smart manufacturing"

with the promotion of smart cities, intelligent security has also accelerated its layout. In addition to using big data cloud computing to reduce the viewpoint of wedge-shaped mouth to form IOT security layout, security robots began to be active in the market. Recently, Vanke's first security robot appeared in the security market, causing heated debate in the industry

intelligent security creates new products and brings new opportunities

since this year, the prosperity of the domestic security industry has continued to decline. Although taking advantage of the Internet, it is difficult for the security market to highlight the limitations of the original products. In the current security market, fixed-point monitoring is mainly used, which brings convenience to people's security work, but the monitoring scope is limited and the flexibility of monitoring is weak. As a new product, security robot can not only replace people to complete the monitoring and security work in important occasions, but also realize data collection and form a complete monitoring system, which has an absolute advantage in security. Therefore, it is necessary for security robots to exist in the market. With the application of smart cities and big data, the prospect of security robots is promising

security robots that look "tall"

many people think that security robots look particularly "tall". However, according to experts, patrol robots mainly carry detection devices such as infrared thermal imagers and visible light cameras, which are not unfamiliar in the industry. The working content of the security robot is very similar to the original security system, which transmits pictures and data to the remote monitoring system. Among them, the hidden dangers and fault precursors in operation are added in the next 5-10 years, which can be automatically judged and alarmed

upgrading from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing"

Plastic packaging material enterprises should also pay attention to safety.

although the manufacturing difficulty of security robots is not as complex as expected, the price is not easy to be accepted by the market due to immature technology and high cost. In addition, in terms of the existing security robots with different pull ranges, the control force and logical thinking need to be improved. Therefore, if the security robot market wants to go further, it needs to focus on upgrading technology from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing"

in the future, the degree of social aging will gradually increase, and security robots are expected to replace some property service posts such as gatekeepers. With the improvement of technology, security robots may be more applied to banks, airports, stations, hospitals and other public areas, bursting out with stronger market vitality

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