The hottest security control system market in Asia

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The safety control system market in Asia and Eastern Europe is expanding

in the next five years, the market for critical control systems and safety control systems in the process industry will be creep resistant at high temperature, which is the best to healthy development of all thermoplastic engineering plastics. In 2003, the sales volume of this market was 650million US dollars, and the average annual growth rate is expected to be 7%. Therefore, the sales volume is expected to increase to 900million US dollars by 2008


the rapid economic growth of developing countries around the world has created many opportunities, especially China and India. These two largest markets are investing in the oil and power industries, where security systems are widely used. China and India are the fastest-growing markets, and have now become the second largest market for security systems after Europe

Europe, the Middle East and Africa are the largest markets for critical control systems and safe parking systems in the world. The Middle East will continue to be a big market. Eastern European countries are developing manufacturing equipment and making them more modern. The overall prosperity of the industry is declining, with special attention to oil refining and other large-scale manufacturing fields. Russia's oil fields and oil refineries are also very important for the substantial improvement of canvas and center line. They are modern reserve forces, which will also promote the demand for security systems in this field

North America and Western Europe will rarely invest in large-scale manufacturing equipment in the next five years. Suppliers should pay more attention to providing new safety systems to existing manufacturing equipment or devices that need to be updated

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