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Alxa see public welfare night, three trees received three awards for outstanding contributions

Alxa see public welfare night, three trees received three awards for outstanding contributions

November 9, 2020

November 6-7, 2020, Alxa see public welfare night and 2020 general meeting were held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. More than 100 entrepreneurs, representatives of environmental protection public welfare organizations and multimedia partners gathered together for public welfare to witness the achievements of Alashan see public welfare organization in environmental protection and other public welfare undertakings. Ms. hongshengbao, general manager of sankeshu beauty department and founder of illombo brand, was invited to attend the event and accepted the outstanding contribution award, golden ear award and Golden Bee award paint on behalf of sankeshu

three trees supported the see "100 million Haloxylon ammodendron" project with practical actions, which was highly recognized by the Beijing entrepreneur environmental protection foundation and all sectors of society. At the public welfare night award ceremony, the Beijing entrepreneur environmental protection foundation awarded the "outstanding contribution award" to sankeshu. At the same time, Mr. Hong Jie, chairman and President of sankeshu, won the Alxa see golden ear award and Golden Bee award, which is a gratitude and affirmation to sankeshu and Mr. Hong Jie for their long-term care and support for various public welfare activities

it is understood that sankeshu officially established cooperation with the Beijing entrepreneur environmental protection foundation in 2016, and the sankeshu Public Welfare Foundation donated 5million yuan a year to support the "100 million Haloxylon" project, helping to restore 2million mu of desert vegetation dominated by Haloxylon, and improving the living standards of herdsmen through the derived economic value of Haloxylon

three trees promised to donate a total of no less than 5 million Haloxylon ammodendron to Alxa, build an 800 km green barrier for Alxa, and effectively curb the expansion of desertification. So far, three trees have donated 2.55 million Haloxylon ammodendron. In addition, sankeshu has invited employees, partners, customers and Dazhong for three consecutive years, which will be favored by more and more businesses. Volunteers will go to Alxa to participate in the public welfare tree planting visit activity of "thousands of people's hearts · thousands of miles of planting"

during the arbor day on March 12, 2020, three trees supported the first "Internet Arbor Day" public welfare activity of ant forest, accumulated green energy through low-carbon behavior, and "watered the clouds" for the three tree public welfare forest. In the future, they will plant hundreds of Mongolian Scotch pines in Inner Mongolia with Alipay "ant forest" to plant green hope. During the period from September 7 to 9 of the same year, sankeshu participated in Tencent's "99 public welfare day" interaction in the fifth year. Through the mode of "Internet + public welfare" online and offline joint action, in addition to data backup: the test data can be saved in any hard disk partition and donated together, it also launched love Solitaire, jixiaohonghua interaction, launched public service advertisements in the circle of friends, no longer implemented compulsory certification for 31 products, and received public welfare consumption vouchers, which are more interesting, loving The new playing method calls on the public to help see "100 million shuttle" project

since its inception, sankeshu has sought a natural and harmonious symbiosis between people and overcoming difficulties such as tight cycles and heavy tasks, and has integrated the CSR concept of "respecting heaven and loving people" into the corporate culture. It is not only enthusiastic about public welfare, but also calls for the participation of employees and partners. The road of public welfare is blocked and long, and it needs persistent joint efforts to guard the green mountains and rivers. Three trees will play an active leading role in public welfare undertakings with the responsibility of a big country brand, show the great love of enterprises, and make unremitting efforts to protect the green mountains and rivers and build a beautiful home

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