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North China seedlings: Beijing Tongzhou seedlings sell in small quantities, buy more and buy less

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core tip: core tip: October should have been the last peak of seedling procurement in Beijing and surrounding areas, but judging from the overall seedling market and seedling exhibition this year, small quantities, sell more and buy less have become the status quo. And

October should have been the ink of Beijing and surrounding areas "> the last peak of nursery stock procurement, but judging from the overall nursery stock market and nursery stock exhibition this year, small quantities of seedlings and large sales and small purchases have become the status quo. Moreover, compared with previous years, the temperature in Beijing this year is colder than before. It may be true that, as many people expected, the cold winter of the nursery stock industry has come. The cold winter of the nursery stock industry is mainly regulated by national policies and real estate, especially when the equipment was initially put into operation The impact has been reduced year by year, and at the same time, the engineering quantity is also falling, so it is difficult for the engineering seedlings to rise in a short time. However, it is understood that the one million mu plain afforestation project in Beijing will increase by another 110000 Mu next year. The increase in the landscaping area around Tianjin and Hebei is expected to add a little warmth to the seedling industry in the cold winter

according to the statistics of the market office, the number of customers consulting seedlings and purchasing has decreased recently. However, the busy pace of merchants in the market did not stop. Some merchants began to prepare for winter cold protection. Members of the family Committee of Miao school also set up a jury to reserve wood, plough and weed. Judging from the current situation, the sales volume of this autumn will not increase much. The sales volume of some characteristic seedlings and high-quality seedlings in the market is relatively good

yaqiao wood ink "> the price has recently decreased compared with spring, and seedlings with a ground diameter of 4 cm to 6 cm are in short supply, especially Magnolia. The ink"> cherry with a ground diameter of 5 cm is 120 to 150 yuan per plant, 180 to 200 yuan for a ground diameter of 6 cm, and about 150 yuan for a red leaf green peach with a ground diameter of 6 cm

the price of arbors is basically the same as before, and the ink "> of 5 cm DBH is 120 yuan per tree, and the ink"> of 8 cm DBH is about 350 yuan per tree. It is expected that the prices of arbors will rise this winter and next spring

(Wang Xingjiao, director of Beijing huayuanfa nursery stock and flower trading market office)

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