Denmark develops new enzymes to reduce the cost of

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Denmark has developed a new enzyme that can reduce the cost of cellulosic ethanol

novozyme Denmark recently announced that its first batch of enzymes suitable for commercialization have been used to produce biofuels from the first transmission mode of agricultural waste

the new cellicctec2 enzyme can make the production cost of industrial cellulosic ethanol less than $2/gallon. How to keep the sample of the initial commercial scale device at the bottom of the instrument is important, and it is expected to be put into operation in 2011. In the current U.S. market, this cost can compete with gasoline and conventional ethanol

cellulosic ethanol production by fermentation uses enzymes to crack the cellulose in biomass, and then it is pretreated into sugar. The height of the lower workbench of the host and the height of the host also decrease, and the appearance is more harmonious. Sugars can be fermented into ethanol. Cellicctec2 enzyme has been proved to be suitable for many different types of raw materials, including crop straw, bagasse and sawdust. The scope covers GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS, etc.

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