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"Security it" financial storm has spawned a new sales model

"security it" is no longer a new word in the security market in recent years. The security market trend in recent years shows that security it has become a market reality. In the past, the performance of security it was mainly reflected in the technology and application of security products, but since 2008, security and it have also further penetrated and combined in the sales model

 the most prominent features of the it based sales model are: 1. Clearly mark the price; 2. Pricing by volume; 3. The distribution group takes rebates as the main source of profit. In 2008, the sales mode of security products focused on these three characteristics, which made the trend of it more clear

"before 2008, some traders and a small number of manufacturers had begun to price security products clearly and by volume, that is, they took the lead in adopting the IT sales model. However, they mainly published information through communications, e-mail, groups, forums, etc., and some publicity channels felt" half covered ". In addition, medium and large security strength enterprises did not participate, so, This sales model has not formed a significant trend

"in the first half of 2008, the integrated camera began to focus on the price, and the old security enterprise Guangdong baoqianli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. stood out, officially priced the price of the integrated machine as the manufacturer, and officially proposed to price by volume. The influence of established enterprises, explosive prices, print and online advertisements from major media, special interviews, etc. has accelerated, undoubtedly throwing a heavy shot in the security market, and as a fuse, many enterprises have slowly surfaced. However, at the same time, due to the strong impact of price, some enterprises adhering to the traditional sales model also raised doubts. The security it based sales model is spreading in the midst of controversy. At the specified stage of this guidance, enterprises that dare to challenge, inspired by the new sales model, began to take the lead in reform; There are hesitant enterprises and customer groups, who wait and see in hesitation, waiting for the further development of the market; Enterprises that have objections should adhere to their own interests, worry about market shocks, and resist the sudden and intensification of market competition

in June, the Guangzhou security exhibition provided an opportunity for insiders who questioned product prices to communicate with each other. At this stage, both security consumer groups and enterprises in the industry, due to close observation and experience, realize that products with a clear price do not represent a reduction in quality. On the contrary, for powerful traditional enterprises, it is the embodiment of core technology. If the products with price advantages also have advantages in quality, and the cost reduction is also well founded, that is, there is no nonstandard market behavior such as malicious competition, low price dumping or shoddy goods. Soon, the number of enterprises that accepted price marked and volume based pricing gradually increased, and in the second half of the year began to conform to the new trend of it based security sales model

"since July, Shenzhen sanchen Technology Co., Ltd. has a general PE elongation at break of 90% - 950% (among which the elongation of linear low-density polyethylene LLDPE is higher). The company has launched a security" financial storm ", and has also begun to clearly price its ordinary infrared cameras, and has put forward" original products, fake one pays ten "; At this stage, major manufacturers have joined in one after another, and the phenomenon of clearly marked prices is becoming more and more intense. The security it sales model gradually began to penetrate into various key security areas. By the end of December, the Beijing exhibition was obviously the general trend. Under the guidance of this sales model, some unknown security enterprises have emerged and developed rapidly, contributing to the driving it mode of security sales

during and after the December exhibition, the security it sales model has gradually taken shape and has been widely accepted. The group that ridiculed this phenomenon as a "vegetable market" before has gradually realized that security it has become an inevitable trend of market development, and began to consider the crisis of complacency. At this stage, the well-known enterprises represented by baoqianli continued to adhere to the new sales model advocated, and continued to launch high-tech products, such as 8800 yuan 40 inch large screen LCD splicing wall unit, 250 yuan 10 times Mini all-in-one machine, etc. these high-quality products with core technology content were also clearly priced and priced by volume, so as to carry out the IT sales of security to the end. In addition, in the ball machine and big barrel markets, it is not uncommon for the price to be clearly marked at the exhibition site. For example, Wuxi Putian vision made the price of the whole machine of the high-speed ball (including 22 times of the movement) transparent and priced 990 yuan, quickly occupying the market

 in the process of the it based security sales model, many new lives have been born. These emerging enterprises dare to rush, dare to break through, dare to challenge new thinking, and develop rapidly. For example, Shenzhen yuminghao, Shenzhen best, Guangzhou shiweilong and other companies came into being at the time of the most intense market changes, because they are not affected by historical factors, and can more quickly and purely adopt the IT sales model. When the "cold winter" of the security economy is coming, we are light and fearless of the cold. On the contrary, we have broken a development road with distinctive characteristics

 in addition, what is the reason for the slow cooling of the camera product rate tester? When the IT sales model was first introduced and widely adopted, other security product fields also gradually began to take action. Represented by Hanbang high tech, 16 way DVR sold for only 1980 yuan, "leveraging the bottom line of DVR sales", which also opened a price war and further promoted the process of security it

 2008 is an eventful year, and so is the security industry. The "economic winter" in the big environment and the "financial storm" in the small environment constantly challenge the security enterprises in the new era. It based security sales is a new model that is constantly emerging in this environment. Whether to go with the trend or against the current will be a problem that many security enterprises, especially the uneven distribution, need to ponder

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