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On January 28th, 2010, the PP market overview of various places

the PP market quotation in Linyi continued to be sorted out smoothly. Due to the close of the new year, the buyer did not receive much goods, and the transaction was general. It is expected that the market will maintain a stable trend until this year

the price of PP in Shanghai market fell slightly today. Crude oil prices fell, and the market was affected by bad news. Today's overall atmosphere is weak, and the unit of impact energy of the early transaction in ISO is limited to kj/m2. The mentality of merchants is poor, and they are mainly active in shipping

the trading atmosphere in Beijing PP market was light, the wait-and-see atmosphere was strong, and the quotation fell slightly. Petrochemical pricing supports the market. The overall quotation of merchants is strong, but the market mentality is slightly pessimistic. The demand of downstream manufacturers is low, and the transaction is deadlocked

affected by the decline in crude oil, the overall price of dust and debris in the electrical box fell, and the market demand atmosphere was poor. Merchants' intention to cover positions is weak, and the overall trading atmosphere is deadlocked

the quotation of PP market in Quanzhou fell sharply compared with yesterday, and the transaction was cold

the current price of PP market in Nanjing is mainly stable. There are not many market resources and it is difficult to find goods. Merchants continue to ship mainly, with few low-cost sources. The market mentality is mainly stable, and it is generally believed that the market will not go out of the obvious rise and fall market in the short term

affected by the decline of crude oil price, the overall quotation of Qilu Chemical City PP market fell slightly, the market mentality continued to weaken, and the demand atmosphere was poor. Downstream manufacturers' demand intention for low-cost sources is acceptable, and the transaction is deadlocked

affected by the decline in crude oil prices, the overall price of PP market in Hangzhou fell slightly today. The market mentality is pessimistic and the transaction is general. Most businesses are mainly active in shipping, and there is not much downstream demand

due to the decline in crude oil prices, the overall quotation of Shunde PP market decreased slightly today. The mentality of merchants is weak, the market resources are acceptable, and the downstream demand is mainly to use and take

the basic price of PP market in Yuyao fell slightly. There are not many market resources, and the mentality of merchants is basically stable. There are few inquiries in the morning. Special processes and special equipment are adopted, and the actual transaction is general

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