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On August 25th, 2009, PP Market Overview in various places

the current price of PP market in Yuyao is basically stable. The market is in a dilemma and continues to show a stalemate. The market generally believes that the current price has basically hit the bottom, and the seller is unwilling to continue to ship at a low price

the supply volume of Qilu Chemical City PP market is acceptable, the supply of wire drawing is not large, and the quotation rises slightly. The demand atmosphere is still light, petrochemical continues to implement the listing policy, and the copolymerization price does not change much. Merchants have high enthusiasm for shipping, general market supply, and strong wait-and-see mentality

Shunde's PP market quotation has stabilized as a whole, the copolymerization quotation has weakened slightly, and the market mentality continues to wait and see. The demand atmosphere in the morning is poor, the market lacks information guidance, and businesses are confused about the future market. Downstream demand performance is general, and it is expected that the recent market will be dominated by narrow consolidation

the current price of PP market in Xi'an is mainly stable. In the morning, there were few transactions in the market and the trading atmosphere was light. The market mentality is low, and there is no good expectation for the later stage. Quotation: the price of Yan'an T30S is about 9900 yuan/ton; Dushanzi e lithium concentrate will be successively transported to ps30r in China at 11000 yuan/ton

the quotation of PP in Hangzhou fell slightly at that time, and the merchants were more enthusiastic about shipping. Crude oil stopped rising and the market lacked news support. The merchants said that the raw materials in the market must have light aging resistance. The atmosphere of finding goods is still poor and it is difficult to make a deal. The mainstream quotation of domestic T30S is yuan/ton, and the rf03 of Egyptian wire drawing is 9850 yuan/ton (Shanghai delivery). The downstream demand is mainly wait-and-see, and there are few transactions

the PP market quotation in Xiamen was mainly stable today, and some transaction prices fell slightly. There are few transactions in the market and the atmosphere of inquiry is light. Fujian United sub brand products began to supply the market, and some businesses expressed concern. Dalian wire drawing market is 10050 yuan/ton; 1102k is about 10150 yuan/ton, and 1080k of Fujian sub brand material is 9950 yuan/ton

the PP market in Qinhuangdao is mainly stable today. The supply of goods in the market is general, transactions are rare in the morning, and the trading atmosphere is light. The price of Daqing T30S is about 9950 yuan/ton, and that of EPS30R is 10700 yuan/ton; Panjin j340 is 10500 yuan/ton and p340 is 10950 yuan/ton

some quotations in Guangzhou PP market fell slightly, but the transaction price is still supported by costs. Today, the demand is still flat in the morning. At the end of the month, the market has high enthusiasm for shipping, and the transaction is not smooth. The market supply is acceptable, and the demand of downstream factories is average

the trading atmosphere in Nanjing PP market is light, the market is weak, and the consolidation situation does not change. The mentality of merchants is general, and they are actively shipping. Reference quotation: the quotation of Yangzi F401 is 10100 yuan/ton, that of Copoly j340 is 10600 yuan/ton, and that of K8003 is 10700 yuan/ton

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