Overview of PP markets around China on August 18

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On August 18, PP Market Overview everywhere

the PP market atmosphere in Nanjing is general, prices continue to fluctuate, and some prices fall back; Today, F401 has a quotation of yuan/ton, and the actual transaction is slightly lower; Compared with last week, the market price of copolymers has fallen. The quotation of j340 is about yuan/ton, and the quotation of K8003 is about yuan/ton. The transaction is limited

the atmosphere in Xiamen PP market is light today, and businesses are waiting to see the petrochemical policy; At present, the quotation of Fulian T30S merchants is 12950 yuan/ton, while Hainan and CNPC T30S are slightly lower, with the quotation of 12850 yuan/ton. There are few local injection molding resources. Hainan v30g has a quotation of 13200 yuan/ton. It is difficult to conclude a deal, and the trend tends to decline

the price of PP market in Beijing is mainly stable, and the pressure of local resources is small. Middlemen mainly price according to their own inventory, and the market quotation gap is large; Among them, the quotation of CNPC T30S is more than 12800 yuan/ton, that of EPS30R is 13400 yuan/ton, that of Yanshan k8303 is 13450 yuan/ton, and that of k7726 is about 13700 yuan/ton; Due to the high price of tube materials, the current transaction is general. The quotation of b4101 is 15000 yuan/ton, and the quotation of b8101 is 14400 yuan/ton

Shantou PP market is waiting for the petrochemical policy today, and the quotation of merchants is scarce. The counter price of Fulian T30S is 12200 yuan/ton without tickets; Hainan T30S has a quotation of 12200 yuan/ton without tickets. The overall local resources are not much, and there are few deals

the atmosphere in Guangzhou PP market today is light. After Sinopec settled the output results on the 2nd day last Friday, it is reported that it will settle the sales after the 13th day today. Therefore, businesses wait and see, and the market turnover is poor; The mainstream price continues to fall compared with last week. At present, the quotation of nt30s merchants is 12850 yuan/ton; Note plastic (13875525.00,3.93%, bar) cjs700 is quoted at 13400 yuan/ton, and v30g is quoted at about 13100 yuan/ton; In terms of copolymers, h641 and EPC30R-H do not need new rivets or connectors, and the mainstream quotation is 13500 yuan/ton

the middlemen in the PP market in Shandong have strong discharging psychology, with average transactions on weekends and weak demand today. Merchants said that there was still a certain amount of petrochemical inventory, and they were cautious about the future market; T30S in Linyi area is quoted at 12300 yuan/ton without tickets, and the quotation of T30S in Qilu Chemical City is about yuan/ton. It is said that the actual transaction is negotiable. The quotation of EPS30R is about yuan/ton

if you want to know more about the PP market wave in Hangzhou, the dynamics are small and the transaction is general; The mainstream quotation of Shaoxing T30S is about yuan/ton. Zhenhai Petrochemical has switched to film materials, and the supply of wire drawing materials has decreased slightly. T30S has a quotation of about 12800 yuan/ton, and Yangzi F401 has a quotation of about 12800 yuan/ton; The copolymer market is stable and the transaction is acceptable. Today, the mainstream quotation is yuan/ton; There are few EPS30R resources

the price of PP market in Tianjin is relatively chaotic today, the market is relatively cold at the weekend, and there are few transactions. It is said that some merchants intend to increase T30S to 13200 yuan/ton, but it is basically empty. The actual transaction of yuan/ton is sent to the surrounding downstream. EPS30R is reported at 13400 yuan/ton

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