Overview of PP market in various regions on May 15

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On May 15, 2009, PP Market Overview everywhere

the price of PP market in Shantou fell slightly today. The low price supply transaction in the market does not occupy an advantage, and the buyer's mentality continues to be bearish

the inquiry in Guangzhou PP market is light, the market supply is acceptable, and the quotation is stable. The merchant tried to ship at a low price, but there was no deal. At present, the shipment is not smooth, and there is no intentional operation. Businesses are more worried about the future decline. The demand of downstream factories is weak, and the wait-and-see mentality is dominant

Shunde's PP market quotation declined slightly, the market supply was acceptable, and the merchants' enthusiasm for operation was not high. Downstream factories have light inquiries, few actual transactions, and poor market mentality. At present, the sensors for tension machines in the market generally use S-type sensors for small force values

the quotation of PP market in Hangzhou tends to be stable, the mentality of merchants is confused, the price of imported materials is relatively cheap, and the trading atmosphere of domestic materials is more in a stalemate. The mainstream quotation of domestic wire drawing C is 9500 yuan/ton, EPS30R is 10800 yuan/ton, and the downstream demand is sluggish, which is still dominated by wait-and-see

the PP market quotation around the Central Plains fell slightly. Demand is sluggish, buyers are mainly bearish, and traders lack confidence in the future market. In terms of current price: Zhongyuan Petrochemical T30S, excluding tax, is about 8820 yuan/ton, for reference only

the market price of Changzhou PP market is stable, the trading atmosphere is light, so the price is cheap, and the mentality of merchants is also bearish. The latest offer: PetroChina T30S reported 9500 yuan/ton, Yangzi F401 reported 9700 yuan/ton, K8003, j340 reported 11300 yuan/ton

Qilu Chemical City has a general supply of PP market, with a slight decline in quotation and a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the market. Today, the quotation of T30S is yuan/ton, the imported wire drawing excluding tax is 8800 yuan/ton, the Daqing EPS30R is 10700 yuan/ton, and the Qilu SP179 is 11000 yuan/ton. The trading atmosphere is acceptable, the actual transaction is not much, and the downstream demand is still sluggish

Xiamen PP market continues to consolidate the market. The atmosphere of Shanghai Stock Exchange and investment is still depressed, and merchants have difficulties in shipping. The current price is stable. The mainstream quotation of drawing T30S is about yuan/ton, and that of Korean LG casting film pp-r3400 is 9750 yuan/ton. The actual transaction price may be low

the PP market in Nanjing continues to be flat, the petrochemical pricing is on the high side, the market is passively reporting high, the atmosphere is depressed, the downstream demand is bleak, and there are few transactions. The latest offer: Yangzi F401 is 9600 yuan/ton, and copoly K8003 and j340 are 11200 yuan/ton

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